Capsule Recap

Capsule always stands out from the many men's trade shows happening during New York's market week, for the aesthetic and high-quality clothing brands it hosts from around the world. We packed as much as possible into the show's two-day run, braving Polar Vortex 2: Return of the Polar Vortex to meet the craftsman and designers behind some of the most exciting new projects in men's clothing. A few favorites:

1. Corridor Clothiers

Dan, a fellow Marylander, is making a name for himself with his fantastic men's shirting. He started out making shirts just for himself; Corridor Clothiers was born when colleagues and passersby started putting in requests. Barely half a year later, Corridor is already stocked in men's shops in Brooklyn and DC, and certain to spread far and wide after his premiere at Capsule. Made in NYC to exacting standards (note how the pattern lines up across the back seams), his shirts are going to be hot sellers this fall.

Corridor Clothiers

2. Topo Designs

A huge chunk of my family is in Colorado, including my parents, and I love that Topo Designs is a Colorado company. At Capsule, I was eager to chat with Mark and Jedd and see what Topo has in store for the coming season: New styles, a bunch of new colorways, and some more woolen fabrics, after their great collaboration with Woolrich. I've posted about Topo before, but the quality and style of their product line is something I can't talk about enough.

Topo Designs

3. Suigeneric

The guys from Suigeneric are super nice and super entrepreneurial; it was fantastic to see their waxed canvas watch straps up close. In a market of leather and nylon straps, Suigeneric saw a gap: They developed waxed canvas straps that come in a bunch of unique patterns and colors. Each strap is hand sewn and waxed, and after their inaugural collection last year they've got a slew of new patterns on the way, which bodes well for all of our wrists.


4. Eastlogue

Capsule was my first encounter with Eastlogue, and I was immediately impressed. Hailing from South Korea, Eastlogue aims to reinterpret traditional sportswear with modern fabrics and updated designs. From the quilted sport coats to the piping on their patch-pocket blazers, my wife and I were both hooked. I also enjoyed the removable buttons on some of the pieces, which isn't something I see too often. The cohesiveness of the collection and details on the garments were a treat to see, and it's no doubt that there will be a few more stores in the U.S. carrying Eastlogue this fall.

Eastlogue blog

5. Upstate Stock

After passing by Upstate Stock's booth at Capsule I can see the appeal of having several pairs of gloves for the winter – a fingerless pair for milder days, leather palmed ones for when you need a little extra grip, and regular mittens for whenever you don't want to wear the others. The colors and yarn combinations on display are universally appealing, and with all of their hats and gloves made in New York State, Upstate Stock will be everyone's local friend in the coming winter seasons.

Upstate Stock


    • Thank you! Waxed canvas has a few advantages, among them that it’s a tough fabric that is water resistant but also breathes well. How that translates into a watch strap is more arbitrary – watch straps became popular (again?) a couple of years ago, but most options were either nylon or leather. Having a waxed canvas strap not only adds another option to that lineup, but also means that there are more prints/patterns/color options than there were in nylon and leather, and in a tough fabric, too.

  1. Thanks for this post! Really interesting to see some of the newer things coming up. I love that the first guy got started because he was making his own shirts. So cool.

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