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You can't really have too many notebooks. Because I thought I had special memory powers, when everyone was using calendars and day planners to remember homework assignments in elementary school, I was determined to out remember everyone and never really got into keeping a log of things to do. It worked flawlessly for me until high school, when I remember I was really betrayed when I often showed up to Spanish class having not done my homework. Sometime between then and now I caved and began to keep to-do lists and logs of things I need and want to do, and it's really improved my productivity and quality of life. I have notebooks of all sizes and they're invaluable – you can never have too many paper products or other ways of keeping track of your days, weeks, and months before they fly right by.

1. Muji Recycled Paper Ring Dot Notebook (A6)

A notebook can be expensive and special and ultra rare, but unless it's got recycled paper it's not going to be worth it. Muji notebooks come in a bunch of sizes and paper types, are spiral bound for save you space when you open them, and, most importantly, are very cheap.

@ Muji ($4.75)

2. Ogami Stone Notebook

Perhaps the most eco-friendly way to keep a notebook is to find one whose pages are not made of paper. Ogami stone notebook pages are made of REPAP, a paper composite made of stone. It feels and looks like paper, is said to be nearly impossible to rip and very pleasant to write on, and is a cool new material for notetakers.

Available in various cover colors and two page styles @ Jenni Bick Bookbinding ($16)

3. Amy Marcella’s 2014 Wall Calendar

I really love this wall calendar – which includes botanical and geometric illustrations as well as the lined pages that give enough space for you to include more than just one or two things for each day. If you've got a void on your wall where your calendar used to be, this one would fill that spot nicely.

@ Amy Marcella's Etsy Shop ($20)

4. Alessandro Esteri’s One Year of White Pages

The problem I have with notebooks and journals is that they can look the same or serve different purposes for me, and it's hard to keep track of what I've written in which. The 'One Year of White Pages' set is a thoughtful volume of journals that ideally you could use to document a year's worth of things (or your baby's life, or your business's life, etc.), and have subtle punch holes on the leather cover to demarcate each month.

@ A+R Store ($46)

5. Le Compagnie du Kraft Refillable Cognac Leather Notebook

There are leather briefcases, folios, and now notebook covers. This one from La Compagnie du Kraft comes in a rare cognac leather that is tanned with water and not chrome, which makes it stand up better to spills, keeping your pages dry and ink in place. It's easy to refill the notebook once you're done by removing the metal screws and filling it either with refill pages or with ones you've trimmed to size on your own.

@ Kaufmann Mercantile ($55)


  1. I love this post. I love the clothes posts, but I love them the same way I love looking at a Sears-Roebuck Toy catalog. I love admiring them and imagining my closet filled with them.
    But THIS post…… this post I can really salivate over. I can easily imagine justifying buying these items. Great pics again and great descriptions ! Are you taking requests for items other than clothing ?

    • We’re taking requests for anything and everything. If you’ve got any ideas, send them our way!

  2. Man, I like a good notebook and your selections are wonderful. I’m going to buy one of them so I can write them down so I can remember to buy one.

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