A blazer may be one of the most versatile and useful pieces of clothing a man can own. It is always better to be overdressed, and a blazer can help you do that easily. The key is finding one that can go with anything – to dress up a pair of jeans for a business meeting, or wear with your favorite chinos for a low-key dinner. It's also anytime item: I bought a linen blazer last May and wore it way more than I ever thought I would, including a couple of weddings, nights out to dinner, and a foray into the wonderful world of shorts suits.

1. Apolis Standard Issue Civilian Blazer

If you're looking for an understated, essential piece for your wardrobe – be it a blazer, shirt, or casual jacket – Apolis has you covered. Their civilian blazer comes in this navy colorway as well as army green and khaki, and is as versatile as a blazer gets. It's 100% cotton twill and is a great three-season piece of outerwear and a great layering piece in winter.

Available in three colors @ Apolis Global ($248)

2. Arpenteur Villefranche Jacket

Taking cues from classic French workwear design, Arpenteur has produced attractive and distinctive pieces in its first few seasons. The Villefranche jacket is a staple of their spring–summer and fall–winter collections, and this funky patchwork version from last summer is awesome fun. The cotton used was dyed with woad; the different shades come from varying the amount of time the cotton spent in the dye bath. Yes, it's a statement piece. It's always good to step outside your comfort zone with clothes and see where the experiment takes you and your self-confidence. It's also 60% off during the Hickoree's super winter sale, so it's an even better time to test the waters with it.

@ Hickoree's ($159.20, on sale from $398)

3. Universal Works Charcoal Quilted Drayton Jacket

Universal Works's products are really appealing because they encapsulate the concept of ready-to-wear clothing. If you're in the market for something that will work with everything you already own while also being a game-changer for the way you look at your personal style, Universal Works is a good place to start. The Drayton jacket has those appealing flecks of white to give the charcoal fabric a nice depth, and the quilting makes this piece a nice insulating layer for the colder temperatures in winter, fall, and early spring.

@ Universal Works ($189, on sale from $370

4. Norse Projects Mr. Adger Wool Blazer

Like everything Norse Projects does, this wool blazer is straightforward and well designed. The curved, notched lapel adds a touch of class to the look and the bobbled wool lends a soft texture to the jacket that is often lacking in blazers. Expect a bit more than your fair share of complements when you wear a jacket with as classic a silhouette as this one.

@ End Clothing ($195, on sale from $299)

5. Raleigh Denim Tweed Blazer

For the past few years, Raleigh Denim has focused on creating some of the nicest denim jeans available for men and women. It was in the past year that they unveiled full men's and women's collections, and this tweed blazer is one of their standout pieces. The hearty tweed and flap pockets almost take the jacket in to sport coat territory, which will give you a rugged yet refined look. A tweed jacket will never go out of style, and something as wearable as this blue version is hard to resist.

@ Apartment Number 9 ($276, on sale from $425)


  1. I love blazers for all the great reasons you mentioned. If you wear a t-shirt with a dress shirt on top, then the blazer, you’ve suddenly got three layers; and a “layered” look can only lead to good things. I also loveeeeeeeeeee the convenience of the inside pocket that can house flasks and other easily accessible vice accoutrements. Are patterned blazers for men out of vogue now?

    • Thanks, David! Patterned blazers are by no means out of style, but I didn’t find any that hit the price points I was looking for (~$150–$250). Patterns are so great, and take everything to the next level.

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