Coffee Stuff

I'm not sure why I started drinking coffee. I didn't have an awareness of caffeine when I was growing up, really, and when I did start drinking coffee it was mostly a social thing that I did because it seemed normal or alluring to do. It's been a slow education, but now that, years later, I've become dependent on daily caffeine, it's not such a bad thing I guess. At the very least I'm entitled to take joy in all the resources there are out there for people like me who like (and need) coffee. Here are a few.

1. Kone Coffee Filter

If you've ever tired of buying coffee filters for your Chemex or pour-over coffee dripper, the Kone reusable filter is your solution. It's made of stainless steel and comes from Portland, Oregon, where people say the coffee is good. People also say it brews a fine cup of it, so even if you're not in Portland you can have that experience.

@ Able Brewing ($60)

2. MistoBox

Subscriptions are for more than reading materials these days, and if you are a coffee drinker you're in luck. MistoBox selects beans from high-quality roasters and ships them to you. When you subscribe you choose how often you want to receive coffee and how much coffee they will send you. With a roster of roasters like Verve, Water Avenue, and Ristretto, and many more, you really can't go wrong.

@ MistoBox ($19–$30/month)

3. Hand Hammered Copper/Tin Ibrik

It might be worth getting an ibrik even if Turkish coffee weren't so crazy good. It's got beautiful lines and anything made from copper and tin is automatically alluring. You can brew Turkish, Greek, and Arabic coffee with the ibrik, using finely ground coffee and an attentive eye for making sure when it boils it doesn't bubble over the sides. You'll figure it out eventually, and even if you don't you'll still have the ibrik.

@ Sweet Maria's ($21)

4. Bonjour Maximus Milk Frother

Touristy cafés around the world get by with ordinary coffee topped with a whole lot of frothed milk that they charge too much for. Once you use this milk frother from Bonjour, you'll realize that it's just as good as what you're getting at a café and, even better, you can do it at home. Feel free to use any kind of milk and let the froth do all the rest.

@ Williams-Sonoma ($29.95)

5. La Colombe Coffee Caramel

Not everybody drinks coffee, but I do know a few people that still like the aroma and appreciate what coffee can do for a good flavor combination. Everything about this coffee caramel indicates that La Colombe has brought together a match made in heaven. And it's got caffeine!

@ La Colombe Torrefaction ($11)