When I was a kid, I loved piling on the blankets and watching Home Alone (both 1 and 2) this time of year. It's only recently that I've begun to pay that kind of attention to blankets again. Kind of like a huge sweater to hide under when it gets cold, if you're using a blanket on the couch or as another layer on your bed this winter, may it summon some nice childhood memories for you, too.

1. Pendleton Motor Robe with Leather Carrier

Pendleton has been producing quality products in America for a long time. The company’s “History” page is over 900 words; suffice it to say, they know what they’re doing across the board. Still, this 100% virgin wool Motor Robe stands out because of its leather carrier, which makes it as useful for summer picnics as for winter warmth on the couch.

Available in Lost Lake and seven other plaids @ Pendleton ($98)

2. Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Soho Throw

Another amazingly old American Mill, Faribault also traces its heritage to the nineteenth century. This throw updates the classic wool blanket for a chunkier plaid and a nice contrast of red and gray that is bold while still being neutral enough to match a lot of rooms. And it’s on sale! (For the full lineup of blankets and throws, there are a ton more options at Faribault Woolen Mills's online shop.)

Soho Throw @ Vetted ($104, on sale from $130)

3. Reigning Champ Tiger Fleece Blanket

Reigning Champ creates the fleece, terry, and other fabrics that go into their line of hats, scarves, sweats, and outerwear, which are all produced in their factory in Vancouver, Canada. The tiger fleece fabric makes this blanket. I almost didn’t want to put the word “fleece” in the title, because the word makes me think of college shopping trips to Target. The texture and color of this fabric is a whole different animal, but still maintaining the softness and warmth that makes fleece a favorite.

Fleece Blanket in six colorways @ Reigning Champ ($115)

4. Warped & Wonderful Dark Maroon Wool Throw

Warped & Wonderful is created by Vila Cox, a bookkeeper in Idaho who devotes incredible time and care into her products – each is a hand-made work of art. Her line is impressive, with everything from baby wraps to silk scarves to custom dinner napkins. This dark maroon wool throw is huge, and with an intricate twill design that you can't often find in throws from larger mills. The blankets come in and out of stock on the website, so definitely check back with Warped & Wonderful periodically.

@ Warped & Wonderful ($190)

5. Kindred Crossings Connecticut Blanket

Kindred Crossings is a sheep farm in Connecticut, and the wool comes from the locals. Small sheep farms throughout the state get together each year to produce only about 300 of these blankets, which come in bright colorways that will warm your spirits along with your feet in deep winter. The blankets produced by Kindred Crossings are super small batch, and it's a lot of fun to follow along their production process in pictures on the website. Have a look!

Connecticut Wool Blanket (plus a recipe for Garlic Herb Rub) @ Kindred Crossings ($200)