Pottery is heirloom material. I’ve never taken much time to consider clay, but on a tour at Heath Ceramics over the summer, I was fascinated to hear about the care and energy Edith Heath and her husband, Brian, devoted to tracking down and collecting particular types of clay (she sourced hers from California). The material for these beautiful pieces came out of the ground. It used to be mud. That is magic.

1. Höganäs Keramik

I don't know too many people who aren’t attracted to Scandinavian products; the appeal of a cleanly shaped object is hard to deny. Höganäs Keramik produces functional, thoughtful ceramics that are pleasant to look at and even better to use. This smart little stoneware tea mug comes with an oak saucer, which serves both as a coaster and as a top for the mug while your tea steeps.

This tea cup ($21) and more Höganäs Keramik @ Royal Design

2. Greenbridge Pottery Berry Bowl Set

As a Marylander, I'm excited and happy to list a piece from the pottery studio and gallery Greenbridge Pottery, located in Dayton, Maryland. A co-op of sorts comprising several potters, the real gems are to be found visiting their store in person. But, thankfully, there are a few great pieces on their web shop (be vigilant; I was going to list a plate here until I realized it's for someone else's wedding registry).

Berry bowl set in turquoise @ Greenbridge Pottery ($40)

3. Heath Ceramics Bud Vase

The Bud vase is a gorgeous object. It’s a classic piece designed by Edith Heath, and a wonderful object, whether or not you use it as a vase. The curves of an unglazed stoneware are features that make it easy on the eyes, and whether it’s for you or someone else, it’s going to be cherished.

Available in six glazes @ Heath Ceramics ($23)

4. Mondays Projects Everything Bowl

Mondays Projects came to be after Monday night meetings among three Brooklyn-based ceramicists. Since starting to produce items in 2010, they’ve developed an aesthetic that’s very much their own. I love the larger rim of this Everything bowl. The marble of the medium and large dishes makes me think of the ocean, and the speckled moss green is a great, natural-looking glaze.

Can’t you see yourself filling and refilling this bowl with Chex Mix to share with family for years to come?

@ Mondays Projects ($35–$52)

5. Wheel Ceramic Co. Tumbler

I have a thing for small tumblers; if they're ceramic, it’s icing on the cake. It’s hard to look away from the pairing of the fired ceramic and indigo glaze on this one, which is hand thrown (you know you’re getting a one-of-a-kind object).

The best part about ceramic tumblers is that they’re a perfect vessel for just about any drink; for example, I can see myself drinking a lot of wine out of this one this winter.

@ Unionmade ($30)