Foul Weather Footwear

Every year, most of us face at least a few days of rain, snow, sleet, or all three simultaneously. Sometimes, old shoes or beat-up boots seem like they'll work in a pinch, but your feet always end up soaking wet or cold. Thankfully there are a lot of options for combatting the elements, so invest in an easy solution: Foul-weather footwear. It will make dealing with inclement weather days much pleasant.

1. LL Bean Maine Hunting Shoe

The Maine Hunting Shoe is where it all begins. The iconic silhouette sets the standard for boots that will battle any kind of precipitation with ease. There are blogs completely dedicated to posting LL Bean catalogs from long ago and reminiscing, showing how inimitable this boot is. It's higher grade than the Bean Boot. The two styles employ different types of rubber sole; Bean Boots are more for lower-impact precipitation, such as rain and light snow, as well as asphalt and concrete walking (for city types). The Maine Hunting Shoe is for more serious matters (and is my personal pick of the styles).

LL Bean has a Made in the USA filter on their site, so if the Maine Hunting Shoe isn't quite what you're looking for, you should be able to find a more suitable option. And a word to the wise: Heed the sizing advice, as these boots run very large.

@ LL Bean ($119)

2. Swims Classic Galoshes

If you've got to wear dress shoes to work every day, the shuffle on rainy and snowy days can be a real pain. Lugging extra shoes is no fun, and its even less fun trying to fix salt or water damage to your day-in, day-out work shoes. All of this is why you should know about Swims's classic galoshes. They fit over your dress shoe and provide that rubberized protection that you would otherwise seek from another boot or shoe on a rainy or inclement day. Problem solved! And quite colorfully, too.

Available in eight colors @ Swims ($94.50 before shipping, which is free after two items)

3. Kaufmann Mercantile Japanese Foldable Rubber Boots

Simple solutions are the best kind; a pair of Wellington boots is often the best way to deal with rain. However, the rubber can be very rigid, which is a good thing for keeping your feet dry, but it's a pain when you have to transport the things.

Enter the foldable rubber boot. These pliable boots will work just as well as those more-sturdy feeling Hunters, but these come with a strap that allow the boot to collapse down into a more manageable size.

@ Kaufmann Mercantile ($129)

4. Danner 6” Quarry GTX

Often in a bad weather, a rugged work boot will do the job perfectly. It makes sense, as work boots are supposed to be functional and comfortable all day long; add a technical component, like waterproofing, and it's a great matchup.

Danner has a phenomenal reputation for hard-wearing, long-lasting boots for work, hiking, or other wear. These Quarry boots are 100% waterproof with a Gore-Tex lining, Made in the USA, and recraftable. When you think you've worn them out, return them to Danner and they'll return them recrafted, with a new sole, and ready for more years of wear.

@ Danner ($210)

5. Cabela’s Snow Pac Boots

I'm often compelled by pretty things, and prone to aesthetic choices, but when it's nasty outside sometimes the best things aren't the best looking. I'm not saying that these Cabela's boots aren't pretty, but they look like what they're for: combatting snow, rain, and sleet while keeping your toes dry and warm. With a removable Thinsulate liner and D-ring lacing, it's certain you'll be good to go.

@ Cabela's ($69.99, on sale from $79.99)

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