It was only recently that I began to understand the value of slippers and house shoes. There’s something very tranquil about putting on comfortable footwear in the morning to wear only around the house; wearing slippers or house shoes makes a big difference in how my feet feel at the end of the day. Pro-tip: Take them with you to your friends’ houses when you visit.

1. Muji Reused Cotton Washable Slippers

These lightweight slippers from Muji have a simple design and a great price. These can be year-round slippers in certain climates or give way to a fur-lined slipper in winter, but there’s no doubt you’ll be comfortable walking around in these at any time of day.

@ Muji ($12.95)

2. Lasso Shoes

Lasso slippers are most unique footwear I’ve seen in a long time. They arrive packed flat, and you use the colored lacing to stitch the slipper together for wear. They’re the most fun option of slipper out there, but are also made of felted wool so you know they’ll be very comfortable. The two guys behind Lasso were funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign in which they shattered their goal by more than £40,000. Glad they’re doing well!

@ Lasso ($52.62, including shipping)

3. Armor Lux Lames

The full disclosure is that I have a beloved pair of Armor Lux slippers (see the well-worn pair in the photo above). They have a wool shell and wool lining, with a rubberized sole. Get ready to wear them all the time.

In seven colorways @ Westerlind ($85)

4. La Portegna Rodrigo Slipper

La Portegna makes travel slippers that harken back to the days of long rail travel and actual leg room on airlines. They’re made in Spain and have a modified Venetian loafer silhouette, with vegetable-tanned leather. They’re also so handsome that you may be at risk of wearing them out and forgetting to put on actual shoes.

In four colorways @ La Portegna ($144, including shipping)

5. Draper of Glastonbury William Slipper

The refined option in today’s roundup is surely this Draper of Glastonbury mule slipper, constructed with a calf leather upper and leather lining. Draper's been in business making these since 1937, and it shows -- they’ve a lovely silhouette and a timeless quality. With a pair of slippers like these it’d probably be sensible to wear a tie around the house.

@ O'Connell's Clothing ($126.63)

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