Socks and slippers may be the best thing about winter. Both help you stay comfortable and warm, and although you have to leave your slippers at home, you keep your socks on all day. That makes it extra important to get good quality and keep your feet happy.

1. Anonymous Ism

If I could have only Anonymous Ism socks, I would. They are Japanese made and feature a huge variety of fabrics, patterns, and weights. I’m particularly a fan of the slub mélange cotton socks. They feel and look great, and will be a favorite all winter long.

@ C'H'C'M ($12, on sale from $20)

2. Two Feet Ahead Tweed Crew

It’s hard not to love the speckled look of Two Feet Ahead’s tweed socks. Plus, they’re a fantastic price for what you’re getting, which is: A great, mid-weight, American-made sock.

@ Independence ($8)

3. Solmates

Definitely the most colorful socks you can get, Solmate socks are “mismatched with care” and unbelievably comfortable. It’s super fun to have socks like these - you’re going to get a lot of compliments. The days when you are able to match your Solmates to whatever else you’re wearing are especially satisfying.

They also come in sets of 3 for kids (a pair with a spare), which makes them excellent gifts for nieces and nephews.

@ Solmate Socks ($12 - $20)

4. Darn Tough

For those winter days when it’s hard to keep your toes from freezing, there’s Darn Tough. Covering your feet in merino wool is a luxury, and wearing Darn Tough socks will make it feel like you’re wearing slippers all day. Plus, Darn Tough guarantees every pair for life.

Men's Full Cushion Boot Sock @ Darn Tough ($23)
Women's Full Cushion Boot Sock @ Darn Tough ($23)

5. Maggie’s Organics

A great basic sock with plenty of colors to choose from. They’re Fair Trade Certified and 99% cotton – ultimately hard to beat for a no-nonsense, everyday sock.

@ Maggie's Organics ($8)